Personal Details

The first section of the registration form contains personal details.

Candidate Name:

o Surname & First Name are compulsory fields whereas Father's Name/Guardian Name is optional.

o They all allow only alphabetical characters.

o 'Surname' field will allow '.' in case required in some cases.

Date Of Birth:

o Date Of Birth should be entered only in dd/mm/yyyy format.

Sex & Caste:

o Sex & Caste are compulsory fields. Please select the one applicable to you.

Physically handicapped:

o Please select only if applicable.

o If you have wrongly selected anything, you can deselect it anytime.

o Only one selection can be made at a time.

Aadhaar Card No:

o Aadhaar Card No is compulsory fields.Please enter 12 digit valid aadhaar number.

Address 1, Address 2 & City:

o Address 1, Address 2’, 'District', City/Village’  are compulsory fields.


o Default selection for Gujarat is given for your convenience. You can change accordingly as required.

o State is a compulsory field hence selection is necessary.


o Pincode is a compulsory field.

o It has to be 6 digit numeric.

Email ID:

o EMail ID is a compulsory field.

o Please enter a valid EMail ID according to the standard format (like

o Your application number & other related details will be sent to this email ID for your reference.

o If you dont have your mail ID, kindly add any mail Id of a known person.

Mobile & Landline Number:

o Mobile is a compulsory field. Please enter 10 digit valid mobile number.

o Landline Number is optional.

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