Board & SchoolDetails

The third section of the registration form contains examination details.

HSC School Index No.:

o If the Board Code is 01 (i.e. GS&HSEB), HSC School Index No. field will be enabled for you to enter,

else Other Board Code will be select (i.e. not '01') then School Code field will be enabled for you to enter and HSC School Index No will be disabled.

o HSC School Index No. is a compulsory field if it is enabled.

o HSC School Index No. is to be entered in format like 01.999.

o If the Board Code is 01 (i.e. GS&HSEB), on entering HSC School Index No., Center Code & Name of

Center will automatically be filled with the district code corresponding to HSC School Index No..

For eg:

Board Code: 01

HSC School Index No.: 01.999

Center Code will be: 201

Name of Center will be: AHMEDABAD CITY

o If the Board Code is 01 (i.e. GS&HSEB) and HSC School Index No. field contains value of district code

as 20 (like 20.XXX), Center Code will automatically be filled with a list of predefined center codes (207,216,233).

o If the Board Code is not 01, Center Code will automatically be filled with a list of all centers. Candidate is

free to choose his center according to his suitability.

School Code:

o School Code is a compulsory field.(Only For Other Board Candidate)

o 'School Code' field allowed Alphanumeric but only Uppercase allowed. Special characters are not allowed

Name of School:

o Name of School is a compulsory field.

Center Code & Name of Center:

o Center Code is a compulsory field. A value should always be selected from dropdown list.

o On selecting any value, Name of Center will be filled automatically. You cannot edit this field.

Candidate Picture & Signature:

o Uploads only in .JPG/.JPEG format & size limit between 5KB to 50KB is allowed. Approximate dimensions should be 120px X 120px. All attachments should be clearly visible.

o Uploads are necessary.

o In case you need to change your uploaded picture, you can click on remove button & upload again.

Save button:

o You can save your details by clicking on Save button. If you login again, your details will be filled and

you can edit & update them.

Submit button:

o To submit your application, check the checkbox of declaration.

o Submit button will be enabled now click on this button to submit the final application.

o Please note that after submitting it, you cannot edit any details.

o After submission, you will get a digit application number on your screen as well as on your mail, mobile.

o You are allowed to take the print of your application only after submitting the same.

Logout Link:

o Anytime you need to move out of your login & the application, you need to click on link under your profile name.

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